There are numerous benefits of meditation through consistent daily practice. The visibility of the side effects of meditation vary from one condition to another including severity of the specific condition. Meditation serves various purposes from increasing the quality of life, improving memory and focus, reducing stress causing hormones amongst many others. It is also beneficial by helping reduce effects of serious health conditions such as asthma, anxiety, depressions and addictions amongst many others. There are various types of meditation ranging from Mindfulness/Vipassana, Zen/Zazen, Metta/Lovingkindness, Transcendental and Mantra meditations amongst others.

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The benefits of Metacognition process in meditation

Metacognition is the act of becoming more conscious of the unconscious states of mind and body which are the thinking, acting and feeling patterns.  When metacognition is practiced daily, the less likely it is for an individual to become unconscious of their thoughts, feelings and actions. It means not letting go of thoughts to slip by your awareness unchecked resulting in self-awareness which is a great step in healing through meditation.

Meditation helps individuals to be more aware of themselves by becoming familiar with their thoughts, behaviors and emotions of the old self. By retiring the old self, there is firing and wiring process of new thoughts through conditioning of the body into a new emotional state. When this practice is performed daily with consistency, it begins to become familiar to individuals through meditative process teaching. In the everyday life, it teaches individuals to less likely to react emotionally, less likely to be rigid and slowly let go of the belief of the thoughts they were thinking which did not serve them.

In this way an individual becomes more aware when they begin to go back into the habit of being unconscious and that is when the process of change begins. It is a practice of unlearning before relearning, breaking the habits of the old self before reinventing the new self, to prune the synaptic connections and sprout new connections. The emotions that are stored in the body must be unwired and unmemorized to rewire and recondition new emotions in such a way of deprograming to reprogram, which is an act of the two-step process.

Meditation helps alleviate Asthma symptoms

The practice of meditation involves opening the heart center to let go of anything and be in the present. This helps the feeling of the surge of electricity and liberation go through the body because meditation connects the hear center with the rest of the body. The aim is to detect and unroot any imbalances in the body through the concentration of the mind and heart.

During meditation, the breathing technique which is practiced, helps open the air passages where they were previously blocked in asthma patients or people who experience difficulty in breathing.  When the healing occurs, patients can normally drink water with ice without coughing. People previously diagnosed with asthma can go back to running profusely fast normally without running out of breath.

Meditation renews cells by allowing oxygen in and releasing carbon dioxide out which accelerates lungs and chest healing. The in and out breathing helps access the subconscious by switching the center on the chest on, the oxytocin is released and the receptors in the heart for oxytocin. The heart makes the oxytocin signals nitric oxide. Nitro causes make the arteries in the heart and lungs to swell. In the case where patients have Raynaud’s syndrome of the lungs, which causes the channels to shut down the arterials the broncolis could never dilatate because there is a contraction.

The autonomic nervous shut off the pathways. When the heart is opened and connected, the brainwaves are slowed down which helps access the subconscious, which resets the survival centers in the brain called the amygdala which get a new baseline. When the amygdala gets new information, anything that has to do with trauma, the baseline is reset, vagaus nerves get switched on and parasympathetic nervous system moves back into balance and the blood flow open the areas that were previously closed down. In that way about thirteen hundred different chemicals begin to restore and repair the body are released when the heart is opened in meditation. Through connecting to the energy field in the heart center, the biological system gets upgraded because energy which changes matter is generated during meditation.

Experience meditation combined with our sacred healing protocol

Consistent daily meditation helps heal anxiety resulting from trauma

By calming the sympathetic nervous system, transcendental meditation reduces the symptoms of PTSD. A calm sympathetic nervous system controls the “fight-or-flight” response to danger, alleviating the stress hormones, cortisol. Transcendental meditation is practiced by focusing on the breath to calm a busy and overactive mind into a state of inner quietness such as in normal meditation.

Trauma aftermaths such as mood swings, feelings of anxiety and being socially withdrawn can be eliminated with daily transcendental meditation practice. Through meditation, the mind becomes conditioned to process emotions associated with the trauma while the body is simultaneously conditioned to be in a state of relation. This helps to reprogram the response of the patient to trauma-related triggers and any stimuli through consistent daily practice. People on psychotropic medications, may cease to use them over time because meditation is widely free, with no antagonistic side effects, which makes it a healthy and highly accessible alternative.

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Mindfulness meditation enhances the immune system

During meditation, the body’s cells receive attention and oxygen which they would not normally receive mindfulness mediation is associated with changes in numerous immune system processes which form part of inflammation, immunity, and genetic aging. This involves alleviating of pro-inflammatory cytokines which are the regulators of host responses to infection and immune responses. Some cytokines promote healing while others make diseases worse in humans. In this case, the cytokines are reduced by regular meditation by increasing cell-mediated defense boundaries, and increasing the activities of enzymes which lessen cell aging.

When mindfulness meditation is practiced over time, the improved changes in the immune system could be long lasting or permanent. The immune system develops more defense mechanisms against diseases, viral and bacterial infections, and various conditions which promote cells aging.