The Sanctuary Tulum is a world leader in NAD Therapy

NAD is just one of the many treatments we use in combination with our revolutionary, proprietary Pouyan healing protocol, offered nowhere else in the world.

Powerful NAD IV drips and the Sacred Healing Method

Experience Complete Brain Restoration:

Why people choose luxury holistic treatment at The Sanctuary Tulum:

We are the only institution in the world to offer NAD treatment in combination with the proprietary Pouyan Healing Protocol. With up to 15 hours of intensive, private sessions that are completely customized to each patients need. Get 9 hours of daily holistic treatment, including HBOT therapy and experience for yourself why our results are second to none. 

Substance abuse creates a cycle of dependence that can spiral into severe depression and suicidal thoughts. Quitting is extremely hard without help and most mainstream treatment centers for detoxification treat withdrawal symptoms with additional drugs, leading to severe symptoms, relapses and even death.

Sanctuary Tulum, the most exclusive healing center in the world, is a haven and retreat that offers NAD treatment in combination with the proprietary Pouyan Healing Protocol with all sessions undertaken in private, customized one-on-one sessions. This is the only sacred plant facility in the world at the moment that is licensed.

The highly qualified staff members are not there to judge and have been specially chosen for their skills and dedication. In order to ensure intimacy, privacy, and undivided attention only 6 people are admitted at any given time.

Besides treating substance abuse, including alcohol, the programs can be tailored to treat burnout, mental fatigue, including PTSD, and the causes and symptoms of Lyme disease.

How Holistic Healing happens at The Sanctuary Tulum

The luxury oceanfront setting was chosen with peacefulness, safety and security in mind. The entire approach to treatment, which includes holistic, sacred and alternative medicines, is worked out in accordance with the personal needs of each individual – no two treatments are the same.

Healing of the body, spirit, and mind simultaneously creates the ideal circumstances for lifelong detoxification. Daily massage therapy, yoga and meditation sessions, Reiki healing and pure oxygen HBOT sessions are used in combination with the daily NAD, Myers and other vitamin therapies. This combination of cleansing, nurturing, and detoxification of the system also includes daily Dead Sea baths and Carbon Infrared Sauna sessions.

A healthy diet and sacred medication help enhance the healing process. Only plant-based medicines are used at Sanctuary Tulum. No prescription medication is ever prescribed for insomnia or anxiety and Ibogaine helps with all the symptoms of withdrawal, including insomnia, vomiting, panic attacks, and cravings. The 100% raw food diet is organic and plant-based, with no GMOs, soy or gluten, and is kosher. This diet helps prepare patients and their bodies to readily accept the treatment. No fast-food or junk-food is ever served.

What to expect on arrival

In order for patients to undergo some of the proprietary treatments at the center, a complete medical check-up is run by the in-house ER doctor and nursing staff. These include blood and liver tests, EKG and ECG, and a complete cardiology check up. All clients need to be medically cleared before they can be treated by ancient plant medicine.

How the combination of detoxification treatments work on the body

Holistically repair of the body ensures that it won’t need to rely on harmful substances again. New neuro-pathways are created through the Neurogenesis and Neuroplasticity Repair Protocol. The rest of the protocols offer renewal and repair of the DNA, Mitochondria, and liver. Stem-cell activation, de-calcification of the pineal gland and cellular detoxification is ensured, while the body also undergoes a Candida and parasite cleanse.

Spiritual Awakening, Outer Body Experience God Molecule Activation (DMT) and Chakra Balancing complete the spiritual side of the protocols and provide a balanced treatment that has no equal.

The daily routine

Depending on the program chosen every patient spends 28-90 days in an all-inclusive program. During the duration, accommodation is provided in a luxurious private suite at the oceanfront villa. Besides the daily sessions that include treatments, meditation and exercise patients can enjoy the outdoor activities on offer at this exotic location.
Powerful NAD IV drips and the Sacred Healing Method

What is NAD? Does it Cure Addiction?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, NAD is a naturally occurring molecule found in every cell of every living thing. It was first discovered by two scientists in 1906 and since then it has been the subject of many studies and more is understood about it now. NAD does not directly provide any benefits to any part of the body. It is a coenzyme or a helper that helps cells to work better. NAD powers metabolism by enabling mitochondria to convert food into energy. It also turns off genes that are suspected of accelerating the aging process. It is good for preventing premature aging, improved muscle function, better learning ability, better memory, and improved skin health. Some research shows that it might reduce symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome as well when used alone or together with coenzyme Q10. In short, it keeps the cells running like well-oiled machines and it is the key to the length of time we have good health.

As we age, levels of NAD decline and our capacity for cellular repair and strength decline, leaving us at risk of brain, muscular and cardiometabolic diseases and an accelerated aging process.

There are natural ways of getting more NAD into the body. These include the consumption of milk (for nicotinamide riboside, an NAD precursor), yeast in fresh bread, beer, and pastries, green vegetables especially asparagus and peas, fatty fish such as tuna, salmon and sardines, mushrooms, whole grains, and chicken. NAD can also be increased in the body by getting regular exercise, fasting, wearing sunscreen, eating more raw foods and taking NAD supplements. Wearing sunscreen is particularly important since UV light depletes NAD fast.

NAD Suppliments

It is not easy to get enough NAD from food and beer and drinking too much beer will actually decrease the levels of NAD. Fortunately, there are NAD supplements available from online retailers and local convenience stores. NAD supplements are not born equal though, because some of them contain artificial ingredients and fillers. It is best to look for high quality supplements that are full of NAD, vitamins and minerals and do not contain any artificial fillers.

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NAD Helps to Cure Addiction

Though the level of NAD naturally declines with age, drug and alcohol abuse accelerate it. Physiologically, drug and alcohol abuse influence the brain to reorganize on a cellular level. This is known as neuroadaptation. It is the direct cause of addiction-related brain damage and exhaustion of neurotransmitters. Anxiety, depression and neuro-degenerative diseases also deplete levels of NAD fast. Fast depletion of NAD makes it difficult for the body to convert food to energy. As a result, the brain does not receive as much energy as it requires to function well and a person generally feels tired. It is also suspected that people whose levels of NAD are low tend to develop addiction problems.

Since there is a causal relationship between low NAD levels and addiction, it follows that increasing the NAD levels in the body reduces addiction. This has led to addiction clinics developing what they term “NAD Therapy.” NAD therapy was discovered by British scientists in 1906. The first use was recorded in South Africa in 1961. The first addiction clinic was opened in Springfield, Louisiana by Richard and Paula Mestayer. For many years they conducted intensive research into the use of NAD therapy for addiction. Then they opened Springfield Wellness Center in 2001. Since then they have treated over thousands of addicts.

The doctors at an addiction clinic determine how much NAD is needed by each patient therefore there is a different dose for every person. Then a nurse administers it intravenously for a period of 8 hours per day for 10 days. It is said that withdrawal symptoms subside by between 70% and 80% within a few minutes of introducing the solution into the blood. There is no hard evidence to support this however. It is also said that between the 4th and the 8th day patients report having improved mental clarity. Still they must complete the whole 10 days of treatment in order to benefit from it.

NAD therapy floods the brain with NAD and replenishes its stores in the body. It then flushes drugs out of the body, reduces cravings for opioids and alcohol and lessons withdrawal pain. It makes recovery from substance addiction easier mentally and physically. It also helps the body to produce more energy without a subsequent crash or shakes normally produced by sugar and caffeine or the negative effects that are produced by other substances.

After the first session the clinician schedules a follow-up treatment session 1 to 2 months later. The clinicians now know that regular boosters of NAD are necessary to maintain the positive effects but they do not know the long-term effects of NAD. Study of its long-term effects is a work-in-progress.

NAD therapy is a strong beginning that makes detox easier for the patient. It should, however, be noted that NAD does not work alone. Only a combination of NAD and regular therapy and support can keep an addict on the recovery path. That means the addiction treatment must also get to the root of the problem and work on it every day, otherwise the underlying emotional or mental problems will lead to a relapse later on.

NAD therapy is particularly useful for those who have tried and failed at recovery who still remember the pain involved. With NAD they are reassured that their experience will be different as it helps with detox and managing withdrawal symptoms.

NAD appears to be safe for most people when used properly and in the short term (up to 12 weeks). So far, patients who have received NAD therapy have not reported any side effects. However, it is wise to look for a reputable addiction rehabilitation center that administers NAD therapy and also integrates leading edge treatment with alternative therapies and counseling.

It is obvious that NAD therapy produces positive results for people fighting addiction. Early data indicates that it is particularly successful for people struggling with alcohol and opioid addiction. However, more research and evaluation of NAD’s long-term effects is required.

Powerful NAD IV drips and the Sacred Healing Method