Benefits of NAD vitamin drips for addiction, anxiety, and depression

Emerge renewed and ready to face life after a luxurious retreat in Mexico

The cycle created by addictions, anxiety, and depression are extremely difficult to shake off. However, the Sanctuary Tulum offers a truly unique healing protocol, a natural healing method that works. It avoids the use of dangerous drugs and other out-dated methods preferred by most rehabilitation centers.

Behind the Protocol lies a system of healing that revolves around a completely holistic approach and includes the use of sacred medicines, advance technological healing methods, meditation, and exercise. These methods are combined according to the needs of each individual in an environment that offers peacefulness, safety, and security.

Complete healing is achieved for the body, mind, and spirit under the guidance of the 20 highly dedicated and discreet staff members in the idyllic setting of the Sanctuary Tulum on the east Mexican coast.

Experience NAD vitamin drips combined with our sacred healing protocol

Experience Complete Brain Restoration:

The Holistic Approach

Every person seeking to follow this special Healing Protocol is given a thorough check-up by the ER doctor in attendance.

Luxurious accommodation is provided for the limited amount of clients that are at the clinic at any given time. Every single need they may have is attended to for the duration of their treatment.  With three packages of treatments to choose from, patients may spend anything between 28 to 90 days at Sanctuary Tulum.

Besides a full day of treatments with various healing drips and the inclusion of the NAD vitamin drips, the program includes yoga, meditation, sacred plant ceremonies, and other modern treatments that help create a strong barrier against relapses. Renewal, repair, and cellular detoxification are aimed for and the IV therapies help with DNA, Mitochondria, liver, and cellular detoxification. The Candida and parasite cleanse are essential, as is the decalcification of the pineal gland. Reiki healing, pure oxygen HBOT, Cryotherapy and Deprivation/Isolation Therapy are interspersed with daily Dead Sea baths and Carbon Infrared Sauna Sessions.

Spiritual protocols followed at the clinic include the use of Ibogaine and patients attest to sleeping far better and have none of the withdrawal symptoms of other rehabilitation methods. These protocols include Spiritual Awakening, Outer Body Experience God Molecule Activation (DMT) and Chakra balancing.

The relaxing environment at Sanctuary Tulum offers a multitude of beachfront activities that patients can enjoy in their free time.  A healthy eating plan includes a 100% raw food plant-based diet, with the inclusion of energizing protein shakes, complete a program that cannot be equaled.

Experience NAD vitamin drips combined with our sacred healing protocol

Complete healing experience

Balance of mind, body, and soul allow patients to return home completely renewed and ready to face the challenges of life again without needing to rely on any other substances other than their rejuvenated self.

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What is NAD and why is it important

Metabolic reactions in the body need fuel, otherwise the body cannot cope, nor can it renew itself. NAD or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is a coenzyme that is present in most cells of the body. If there is a shortage, then the body is more prone to age-related diseases.

NAD Vitamin Drip Therapy

NAD is one of the newest and most promising vitamin therapies, with outstanding results. As it enters the body intravenously it immediately starts work on repairing DNA, reduces inflammation and turns on the enzymes that prevent aging. Most importantly, it helps prevent and restore brain cells. It is all-natural and holistic and is proving to help people battling with addictions, chronic fatigue, anxiety and depressions, and degeneration caused by age.

Addictions and NAD

Vitamin therapies are not a cure for addictions on their own, but NAD has proven to help with the first step of fighting them; the healing of the brain. This is important because addictions have their underlying cause within the brain and if the pathways that lead to the addiction are not healed, relapses follow.

How NAD differs from other addiction therapies

Psychotherapy and some of the medications prescribed are effective in rewiring the brain but have proven to not have long-lasting benefit nor do they seem to restore existing damage.

NAD vitamin drops are different because they are completely natural, unlike the toxic prescription medication usually prescribed, which often prove to be harmful. NAD restores the cells and the neuro-pathways of the brain while it also forms a protective shield that reduces cravings. There are no toxic side effects and people who have used NAD vitamin drips to battle addictions are proving to have a better quality of life after treatment.  They also report that they feel none of the painful side effects that other rehabilitation methods have. The most important element of NAD therapy is that patients have a better chance of not relapsing into substance abuse again.

Brain Fatigue and its side effects

Anxiety and depression are not always caused by external factors. As a matter of fact, they are caused by mostly neurological conditions that require lifestyle changes and other therapies to improve.

The most common symptoms of depression include drastic changes in sleep patterns, extreme fatigue, feelings of worthlessness, loss of interest in life and are often accompanied by recurring thoughts of death or suicidal thoughts.

NAD and how it improves anxiety and depression

The coenzyme that NAD consists of helps to reverse mitochondrial damage, improves cellular function, and reduces oxidative stress and inflammation. It also promotes regeneration of the brain’s neurotransmitters which help improve cognitive clarity.

NAD acts on the sirtuins, the proteins that contribute to normal energy production and help promote normal circadian rhythms, cellular health and improves the imbalances which cause mood disorders.

When NAD is used as a treatment on its own it already helps benefit people trying to battle depression and other conditions of the mind, but when it is used in combination with a  holistic approach the symptoms are corrected rapidly and have a long-lasting effect.

 NAD IV drips can reverse the damage of pollutants that the body is exposed to in the course of its life. Some of these may be taken voluntarily, while others are breathed in, ingested or created by the body. The cells of the body use NAD vitamins to activate the enzymes to prevent and correct DNA damage.

NAD vitamin drips are one of the new super therapies that have come to improve the quality of life for millions of people.