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The Sanctuary Tulum: Revolutionizing Mental Health Treatment And Addiction Recovery

In the realm of Holistic Wellness Spas and Luxury Mental Health Centers, The Sanctuary Tulum stands out as the world’s most exclusive healing center, offering the world’s most effective and powerful holistic healing system: The Pouyan Method. Founded by Johnny Tabaie, known aka the Holistic Healer, this extraordinary facility provides personalized, holistic one-to-one treatments that surpass the limitations of group therapy, talk therapy and medication therapy. The Sanctuary Tulum the pinnacle of exclusivity and explore why holistic one-to-one treatments are superior to western medicine and conventional healing centers.

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Most Exclusive Luxury, In-Patient, Residential, Holistic Healing Center For Mental Health.

The Sanctuary Tulum is the only facility in the world offering a 100% true holistic approach and all the sacred plant medicines Ayahuasca, Ibogaine, DMT, Psilocybin in a licensed facility. No other facility offers these therapies under one roof. We are the pioneers who birthed this healing system. Since 11-11-2011 we have been healing the most difficult cases of PTSD, Depression, Trauma, Anxiety, Alcoholism, Shopping Addiction, Drug Addiction, Gambling Addiction, Sex and Porn Addiction with an astonishing 90%+ success rate.

Services We Offer Treatments and Therapies

The Evolution of Mental Health Treatment and New Paradigm of Healing at Sanctuary Tulum

The Sanctuary Tulum offers a groundbreaking approach to mental health treatment that addresses the underlying causes of addiction, PTSD, depression, trauma, and other mental health issues. Unlike traditional treatment methods that focus solely on symptom management, the Sanctuary Tulum takes a holistic approach, targeting the root causes of these conditions.

The Sanctuary Tulum integrates various therapeutic modalities, including sacred plant medicine, ancient healing techniques, and cutting-edge holistic therapies. By recognizing the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, this approach aims to restore balance and promote healing on multiple levels.

Understanding the Unique Aspects of The Sanctuary Tulum

Onsite High-Tech Medical Facilities

Personalized Treatment Plans

At The Sanctuary Tulum, we stand out because of our highly personalized treatment protocol. Each individual’s journey is unique, and as such, a customized approach is essential for lasting healing. By tailoring treatment to each person’s specific needs, the Sanctuary Tulum maximizes the chances of successful permanent healing.

High Ethical Standards

Plant Medicine and Shamanic Healing

Central to the Sanctuary Tulum is the utilization of plant medicine, such as DMT, Ayahuasca and Ibogaine, under the guidance of experienced Healers These powerful Sacred Medicines have the capacity to facilitate profound emotional and spiritual healing. By combining ancient wisdom with modern science, The Sanctuary Tulum offers a transformative experience for individuals seeking true healing.

Highly Personalised Experience

Holistic Medicine-Alternative Medicine- Sacred Medicine

Sanctuary Tulum differs from other Luxury Wellness Centers for Physical, Spiritual and Mental Health Facilities. Instead, The Sanctuary Tulum focuses on Our New Paradigm of Healing. By Creating this Revolutionary and Powerful Healing System that combines Holistic, Alternative and Sacred Medicine creating a spiritual awakening, healing at a cellular level and life changing transformation and self-discovery.

Evidence of Success

Testimonials and Case Studies

The efficacy of the Sanctuary Tulum can be seen through numerous success stories, testimonials, and case studies of individuals who have experienced remarkable transformations at Sanctuary Tulum.

The Sanctuary Tulum: Unparalleled Exclusivity

The Sanctuary Tulum distinguishes itself as the world’s most exclusive healing center through its commitment to providing an unparalleled level of personalized care and attention to each individual. With limited occupancy, the facility ensures a private, tranquil, and intimate environment, allowing clients to focus entirely on their healing journey.

Furthermore, The Sanctuary Tulum’s reputation for excellence attracts a discerning clientele seeking the most advanced and effective healing methodologies available. By meticulously curating an exclusive atmosphere, the center creates an environment conducive to deep transformation and profound healing.

Holistic One-to-One Treatments: A Superior Approach

Holistic One-to-One Treatments

Personalized Attention and Tailored Treatment

One-to-one treatments at The Sanctuary Tulum surpass the limitations of group therapy and talk therapy by offering undivided attention and personalized care. Each individual receives a customized treatment plan that addresses their specific needs and underlying causes of their mental health issues. This personalized approach allows for a deeper exploration of individual struggles and a more targeted healing experience.

Enhanced Confidentiality and Privacy

In group therapy or talk therapy settings, individuals may feel hesitant to share their deepest emotions and vulnerabilities due to concerns about privacy and judgment. Holistic one-to-one treatments at The Sanctuary Tulum eliminates these barriers, allowing clients to open up and address their challenges with complete confidentiality. This safe and secure environment fosters trust and promotes healing on a profound level.

Tailored Therapeutic Modalities

Holistic one-to-one treatments at The Sanctuary Tulum offer the advantage of tailoring therapeutic modalities to each individual’s unique needs. This flexibility ensures that clients receive the most effective combination of treatments, which may include plant medicine ceremonies, holistic therapies, and energy healing. By customizing the healing process, individuals experience a more targeted and impactful journey towards recovery.

Issues We Treat

We Treat Many Issues: From Benzodiazepines Withdrawals to Oxycodone, Depression, PTSD, Anxiety, Trauma, Addiction/Dependency, SSRI, Autoimmune Disease, Lupus, Lyme Disease, MS, Neuropathy, Diabetes, Candida, and much much more.

The Power of Holistic One-to-One Treatments

Individualized Focus

Our holistic one-to-one treatments, the focus is solely on the individual and their specific challenges. This individualized attention allows for a deeper exploration of underlying issues, enabling healing on a comprehensive level. The therapist or healer can adapt the treatment approach in real-time, tailoring it to the individual’s progress and needs.

Accelerated Healing and Transformation

Holistic one-to-one treatments often yield faster and more profound results compared to group therapy or talk therapy. The personalized nature of these treatments enables therapists and healers to identify and address root causes with precision, facilitating accelerated healing and transformation. The intensive and individualized support provided creates a potent environment for profound breakthroughs.

– Elimination of Distractions and Comparisons

Group therapy and talk therapy sessions may involve distractions and comparisons among participants, which can hinder progress and healing. In a holistic one-to-one treatment setting, distractions are minimized, allowing individuals to focus solely on their healing process. All clients who enroll are on their personal sacred journey.This fosters a deeper connection with oneself and promotes personal growth without the influence of external factors.

Individualized Focus

The Sanctuary Tulum Pouyan Method

The Sanctuary Tulum Pouyan Method, offered exclusively at the world’s most exclusive healing center, is a testament to the power of holistic one-to-one treatments. By providing personalized attention, tailored treatment plans, enhanced confidentiality, and a focus on individual needs, The Holistic Sanctuary transcends the limitations of group therapy and talk therapy. Clients benefit from accelerated healing, profound transformations, and a secure environment that nurtures their recovery journey.

While group therapy and talk therapy have their merits, the unique advantages of holistic one-to-one treatments at The Holistic Sanctuary provide an unparalleled opportunity for deep healing and lasting change. The commitment to exclusivity, combined with the power of the Pouyan Method, ensures that individuals receive the world’s most powerful healing system in an environment dedicated to their well-being and transformation.

Understanding the Unique Aspects of The Sanctuary Tulum


7-14-21-28 Day
Refresh-Reboot-Reset NAD+ IV Daily Yoga, Daily Meditation, Daily Carbon Sauna, Daily Ice Baths Ayahuasca/Ibogaine/DMT- Weekend Excursions Snorkeling/Cenotes/Sightseeing/ Nature Hikes / Excursions

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4-8-12 Weeks Is Our Gold Standard 100% Holistic and Integrative with only 1 on 1 Therapies. All inclusive, Private Suites, Shared Oceanfront Villa, Ayahuasca, Ibogaine, DMT. daily Massage, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, daily IV drips, HBOT, Deprivation Therapy, Colonics + More Weekend Excursions Snorkeling/Cenotes/Sightseeing/ Nature Hikes / Excursions

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3 Months Platinum- 100% Holistic Integrative 1 on 1 Therapies.

All inclusive, Private Oceanfront Villa, Private Chef, Private Therapist, Private Plant Medicine Ceremonies , Daily Massage, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, Daily IV Drips, HBOT, Deprivation/Isolation Therapy, Colonics, Stem Cells, Live Cells, Growth Factors, Immune Boost, Ozone Therapy. “Exclusive Sessions With The Founder”

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