The Top Ten Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of Ibogaine

What Are The Ten Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of Ibogaine?

Humans are unique among every other species on the planet in that we possess the distinctive capacity to consciously direct our own evolution. By zeroing in on a focused intention, our prefrontal cortex enables us to override the preprogrammed genetic scripts we inherited and re-write the future that we want. Out of all the substances, scientists have ever studied, ibogaine stands alone in its ability to accelerate this process. It unlocks our extraordinary capacities for physical, mental, and spiritual growth. In fact, the latest research shows that this naturally occurring plant medicine has the potential to radically reset our bodies and brains, repair damaged neural pathways, and create new neural circuitry in the areas of the brain that are necessary for learning and remembering. While there are dozens of scientifically proven health benefits for this medicine, here is a list of the top ten most extraordinary.

  1. Interrupts a Lifetime of Addiction in a Single Dose

While Ibogaine Treatment has unique pharmacokinetic properties are still being investigated, even the most conservative scientists agree that ibogaine is the only substance ever studied that can interrupt a lifetime of addiction in just one single dose.  Researchers from Stanford, Harvard, and Johns Hopkins have published a growing mountain of data that unequivocally shows how ibogaine’s ability to interact across multiple neurotransmitter systems is the secret to its unmatched success. Ibogaine is also unique in that it stimulates and modulates the release of a neural protein known as GDNF which plays an important role in maintaining the health of dopamine receptors and modulates the neurological systems that release BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor). This protein supports nerve cells’ survival and growth.  Put differently: it resets the reward centers of the brain to their pre-addicted natural state.

  1. Ibogaine Eliminates Withdrawal in Just One Single Session

The painful and dangerous symptoms of withdrawal are the single greatest hurdle separating people suffering from addictions from enjoying a full and lasting recovery. Cravings are the second greatest. Ibogaine Treatment effectively reduces both to zero in just one high-dose session. Long-term studies have found that because of its interaction with acetylcholine, dopamine, and serotonin systems — all of which are responsible for restoring balance to the brain — it is able to bring the body back into a state of natural equilibrium almost overnight.

  1. Activates Neurogenesis

For years it was believed that nerve cells in the brain were unable to divide and create new growth. Scientists now agree that the opposite is true. Ibogaine has been scientifically proven to accelerate the brain’s natural capacity for making new connections. This process, called neurogenesis, means that not only can the brain heal the areas which have been damaged over extended periods of time, but it can produce new nerve cells every day.

  1. Initiates an Evolutionary Growth Spurt

Whether the brain is rewiring itself to heal neural structures damaged by disease processes, or simply to create new neural networks to establish healthy patterns of behavior, it all comes down to one thing: our ability to learn new things. Due to its unique pharmacology, ibogaine unleashes the electrochemical impulses required for the acquisition of new knowledge and successfully stores these new skills in the brain for easy retrieval. Neurons that fire together, wire together — and ibogaine gets the right ones firing and writing at the same time to maximize healthy neural growth and catalyze the process of transformation.

  1. Accelerates Exceptional Human Functioning

In addition to acquiring new knowledge, the brain requires new experiences to maximize its full potential. Repetitive thoughts and behaviors keep us locked into old, outdated versions of ourselves incapable of any real, lasting change. Ibogaine has the unique ability to disrupt, on a neurochemical level, these self-limiting programs and zero in on our neural circuity for learning, growth, and change. It is a biomolecular accelerant for the brain.

  1. Single Dose of Ibogaine Kickstarts Synaptogenesis

We do not just learn by creating new brain cells, we also must create new neural pathways between them. The process of forming synapses between neurons is called synaptogenesis

and it is essential to maximize human potential and achieve a life of health and flourishing. Ibogaine initiates a cascade response of synaptogenesis that mirrors the explosion of synapse formation in the infant’s brain. This formative period of early neural development is responsible for the astounding speed at which children can soak in and metabolize added information. Over time and through a process called synaptic pruning, many of those connections are lost – in other words, we lose what we do not use. Ibogaine can help reignite this process and sculpt the necessary neural architecture to not only acquire new skills but to keep them for life.

  1. Ibogaine Heals Depression

Today, doctors primarily prescribe a class of neurotoxic pharmaceuticals to treat depression that manipulates one chemical in the brain—serotonin. These medications thwart healthy brain development due to the many biochemical adjustments the brain must make once they are introduced. And yet the most recent scientific evidence resoundingly shows that not only do SSRIs not resolve depressive symptoms  — but they also actually make them worse by weakening the natural reward circuitry in the brain. Ibogaine, in just a single session, has been demonstrated to resolve depressive symptoms by resetting the serotonin and dopamine reward centers — permanently.

  1. Eliminates Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS)

One of the most significant risk factors, by far, when it comes to relapse is Post-Acute-Withdrawal Syndrome. PAWS is a debilitating and potentially dangerous condition that can last up to one year after the last usage of a substance of choice. Roughly 90 percent of recovering opioid users experience PAWS and 75 percent of individuals recovering from alcohol abuse. Because the physical and emotional effects of PAWS can continue for such an extended period of time, treatment can be intensive and take many months. Ibogaine has been scientifically shown to eliminate the symptoms of PAWS in just one single session.

  1. Resolves the Symptoms of Anxiety

Anxiety is the result of a deeply rooted neural program that humans evolved for the purpose of survival. But sometimes the neural pathways of anxiety overreact and can commandeer the brain. When this hijacking happens, doctors typically prescribe pharmaceuticals that the latest research proves raise the neural baseline of anxiety over time to increase susceptibly to triggers. The result is a permanent and debilitating state of hypervigilance. Ibogaine has the unique potential to reset this neural circuitry and restore it to its natural, non-anxious state. And its effects are lasting.

  1. Heals the Underlying Traumas at the PTSD

One of the most exciting new areas of ibogaine research involves exploring its unusual ability to heal a condition previously believed to be untreatable: treatment-resistant PTSD. In 2020, researchers from Johns Hopkins University and Ohio State University published a groundbreaking review of this medicine’s ability to resolve trauma-related psychological and cognitive impairment for those who had sustained war-related injuries. Stanford researchers are currently employing brain imaging to study ibogaine therapy for trauma, combat, and blast exposures, and results from functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and electroencephalography (EEG) have both shown evidence of positive brain changes associated with ibogaine.  

While ibogaine in itself is a powerful transformational catalyst, it is not enough to heal a lifetime of systematic substance abuse or the ravages of stress and psychological destabilization. When used in conjunction with other natural therapies, such as yoga, mindfulness practice, NAD+ Iv drips, and hyperbaric chamber therapy, its long-lasting effects are multiplicatively reinforced. Only one healing center in the world incorporates ibogaine therapy with an ever-evolving therapeutic protocol designed to permanently reset and rebalance the brain, heal the body, and reconnect the spirit — and that center is Sanctuary Tulum. Our proprietary Pouyan Method includes ibogaine, with all of its scientifically validated neuroregenerative properties, as one essential component of our proven multiphasic treatment protocol.