Celebrities Who Turned To Ayahuasca For Healing

“Journey to the Unknown: Celebrities and the Ayahuasca Experience”

Who are the Celebrities who have done Ayahuasca, an ancient Amazonian brew, has captivated many, including celebrities, with its promise of spiritual awakening and emotional healing. This powerful plant medicine offers a unique journey into self-discovery, and several well-known figures have shared their transformative experiences. Let’s explore these in more depth. Celebrities turned to ayahuasca for healing.

1. Sting

Sting, the renowned artist, has shared his experience with Ayahuasca, a powerful psychedelic plant used in spiritual ceremonies. His journey with Ayahuasca is documented in his autobiography. People often seek Ayahuasca retreats for profound spiritual awakenings and enlightenment. Sting’s experience, like many others, involved a deep connection with self, spiritual visions, and a sense of contact with a higher realm. Participants often report conversations with a higher power or their higher self, and a recurring theme is the experience of oneness and insights into the interconnectedness of all beings​​.

Sting’s encounter with Ayahuasca Ceremony is detailed in his memoir “Broken Music.” He describes a profound connection with the natural world, experiencing himself as part of a larger, interconnected ecosystem. The journey helped him confront personal demons and emerge with a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper appreciation for life’s mysteries. His experience illustrates Ayahuasca’s ability to dissolve boundaries between the self and the natural world. (1)

Sting’s experience with Ayahuasca, a powerful hallucinogenic brew, is a significant part of his spiritual journey. During his Amazon trip, he consumed Ayahuasca, which led him to feel deeply connected to the cosmos, perceiving it as a direct access to a higher intelligence or ‘God-head’. This aligns with common reports from Ayahuasca users who experience profound spiritual awakenings, insights into interconnectedness, and visions that offer new perspectives on life.

Sting’s interest in spiritual growth and self-development is well-documented, and his Ayahuasca experience reflects his exploration into these realms. The effects of Ayahuasca vary for each individual, but many describe experiences of deep self-connection, Ayahuasca spiritual visions, and a sense of unity with the universe. Such experiences are often described as enlightening, with users reporting a feeling of oneness and being lectured about love and the connection between all beings​​​​. (2) (3)

2. Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers, the renowned quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, recently shared his transformative ayahuasca experience on the Audrey Marcus podcast, highlighting its significant impact on his mental health, self-love, and professional success.

Rodgers Ayahuasca Experience participated in an ayahuasca ceremony led by a Quechua shaman, likely in Peru’s Sacred Valley, alongside his then-girlfriend, NASCAR star Danica Patrick. He described the experience as a profound journey with the ayahuasca spirit, portrayed as a grandmotherly figure, guiding him through various stages of his life. This journey, he recounted, was an incredibly beautiful and deep experience.

Rodgers’ initial intention was to understand and feel pure love. He recounted feeling as though he received blessings of love, forgiveness, and gratitude from what seemed like his ancestors, describing it as feeling like a hundred hands touching him. This experience allowed him to explore and understand the concept of unconditional self-love, which he identified as a key component of mental health. This newfound self-love, he expressed, enabled him to extend the same unconditional love to others.

Discussing his personal life, including his past engagement to Shailene Woodley, Rodgers emphasized how ayahuasca played a crucial role in helping him cultivate self-love and a deeper capacity for loving others. He likened the experience to seeing the world with new eyes for the first time.

Regarding his professional life, Rodgers, a four-time NFL MVP, reflected on how the ayahuasca experience positively influenced his career. He believed that demonstrating unconditional love to his teammates was the greatest gift he could offer, fostering a supportive and loving team environment. He attributed this mindset and approach to his successful seasons, notably winning the MVP award in both 2020 and 2021. Rodgers felt that the ayahuasca journey was instrumental in paving the way for these achievements, marking a significant milestone in both his personal and professional life.

Aaron Rodgers’s Ayahuasca Experience Aubrey Marcus


3. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan’s experience with ayahuasca, a psychoactive brew, was a significant and transformative moment in her life. Known for her struggles with addiction and various legal issues, Lohan turned to ayahuasca as part of her journey toward healing and self-discovery.

  1. A Turning Point in Struggles with Addiction: Lohan has been open about her battles with addiction. Her experience with ayahuasca was pivotal in this regard, as she claimed it helped set her free from these struggles. The ayahuasca experience seemed to offer her a form of release and liberation from the chains of addiction that had impacted her life and career​​​​. (1) (2)
  2. Coping with Emotional Trauma: At the time of her ayahuasca journey, Lohan was dealing with the emotional aftermath of a miscarriage. This personal tragedy added another layer of complexity to her life challenges. She reported that the ayahuasca experience facilitated the release of much of the pain associated with this traumatic event, providing her with a form of emotional catharsis​​​​.(3)
  3. A Profound Personal Revelation: During her experience with ayahuasca, Lohan had a moment of profound self-realization. She described seeing her entire life unfolding before her, confronting aspects of her existence that she had been clinging to, which were casting a shadow over her life. This introspective journey was so intense that she felt as though she was physically dying, yet symbolically being reborn. Such profound and transformative experiences are not uncommon with ayahuasca, which is known for inducing deep psychological and spiritual insights​​. The Holistic Sanctuary
  4. Public Acknowledgment and Impact: Lohan’s public acknowledgment of her ayahuasca experience underscored the impact it had on her. By sharing her story, she brought attention to the potential therapeutic benefits of this traditional brew, which has been used for centuries in various cultural practices for its mind-expanding properties​​.

Image credit: thefreethoughtproject.com

In summary, Lindsay Lohan’s journey with ayahuasca was a critical step in her path towards recovery and self-improvement. It provided her with a unique perspective on her life, helping her to confront and release deep-seated emotional pain, and offering a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

4. Megan Fox Ayahuasca Experience

Megan Fox’s ayahuasca experience, as shared in various interviews, was a deeply intense and transformative journey. Ayahuasca, a tea brewed with the psychedelic drug DMT, is known for its powerful hallucinogenic effects and is often used in ceremonial rituals as a form of spiritual medicine.

During a trip to Costa Rica with her then-partner Machine Gun Kelly and a group of about 20 others, Fox participated in an ayahuasca ceremony with indigenous people. She described this experience as “going to hell for eternity” and experiencing “ego death.” This term, “ego death,” is often used to describe a profound, transformative experience where one loses their sense of self, which can be a part of the psychedelic experience induced by substances like ayahuasca. MORE

Fox’s recounting of her experience indicates it was not only psychologically intense but also physically demanding. Participants, including Fox, vomited in front of each other, a common reaction to ayahuasca known as “la purga” or the purge, which is considered a cleansing process.

The actress emphasized that each person’s experience with ayahuasca is unique. In her case, she felt she had endured a form of psychological hell. This reflects the nature of ayahuasca experiences, which can vary greatly from person to person. The active ingredient in ayahuasca, DMT, is a strong hallucinogen that can cause extreme changes in perceptual awareness, often leading to profound psychological and emotional revelations or confrontations.

Overall, Megan Fox’s ayahuasca experience was a challenging, introspective journey that she described as incredibly intense and transformative​

5. Will Smith

Will Smith, the renowned actor famous for his roles in “Men in Black” and “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air,” embarked on a profound personal journey following his split from wife Jada Pinkett Smith in 2011. Seeking to mend his broken heart, Smith turned to ayahuasca, a powerful psychoactive brew traditionally used in spiritual ceremonies in South America. He experienced this ritual a notable 14 times.

During Will Smith’s Ayahuasca Ceremony, The shaman advised him to “surrender” to the experience and allow the vine to lead him, offering her assistance in navigating the journey. These sessions were not only about exploring his psyche but also about confronting deep-rooted fears and realizations. During one such experience, Smith had a vision of losing his money, house, and career, which he described as the “most hellish psychological experience” of his life. However, this vision ultimately led him to a realization of resilience, making him understand that he could handle anything life threw at him.

The Ayahuasca which is made from the leaves of the Psychotriva viridis shrub and the vines of Banisteriopsis caapi, had a significant impact on Smith. He described the experiences as “the greatest feeling” he’d ever had, indicating a profound shift in his perspective and a sense of newfound freedom.

These experiences are detailed in Smith’s book, “Will,” where he reflects on the transformative nature of his encounters with ayahuasca and how they helped him navigate through a challenging period in his life​

6. Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey, widely recognized for his versatile acting roles and comedic talent, is reported to have had experiences with ayahuasca, a powerful psychedelic brew traditionally used in spiritual and healing ceremonies in the Amazon region. While specific details of Jim Carrey’s experiences with ayahuasca are not extensively documented, a few anecdotes provide a glimpse into his encounters with this psychedelic substance.

One such account involves Carrey on a high hill, during which he reportedly convinced himself that he could earn $10 million for a single film role. He is said to have remained on the hill until he succeeded in this ambition()​​. This story, relayed by a shaman, illustrates a moment of intense self-affirmation and determination in Carrey’s life.

Additionally, Carrey, along with other celebrities like Megan Fox, has been noted for discussing the spiritual and life-altering benefits of ayahuasca. This discussion reflects a broader trend of increased acceptance and interest in psychedelic experiences in recent years, particularly among celebrities. These experiences are often shared in documentaries and public forums, contributing to a growing conversation about the role of psychedelics in mental health and personal growth()​​.

Another report reiterates the anecdote of Carrey envisioning himself earning a substantial sum for a movie role during his ayahuasca experience. This particular experience is highlighted as a powerful moment of self-affirmation for Carrey, although it’s noted that the sharing of such personal experiences by a shaman is not typically accepted practice()​​.

While these accounts provide some insight into Carrey’s experiences with ayahuasca, they largely remain personal and not extensively publicized, reflecting the often private and deeply personal nature of psychedelic experiences.

7. Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher’s Ayahuasca experience was a deeply personal affair. While he has not divulged many details, it is reported that the experience offered him profound insights into his personal and professional life, influencing his decisions and perspective in significant ways. Kutcher’s story hints at the private and often indescribable nature of the Ayahuasca experience.

8. Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow discussed her Ayahuasca experience as a journey of emotional healing. On her platform Goop, she described confronting personal traumas and emerging with a greater sense of self-awareness and emotional clarity. Her experience aligns with her broader pursuit of holistic wellness and personal growth.

9. Tori Amos

Tori Amos, the renowned musician, has had multiple experiences with ayahuasca, starting as far back as the 1980s. In a detailed 2001 interview with Q magazine, she delved into the significant impact this Amazonian vine-derived hallucinogen has had on her.

Amos described ayahuasca as a powerful substance that profoundly altered her mental and emotional state, likening it to being in a dream-like state similar to the movie “The Emerald Forest.” She recounted how, under the guidance of medicine women, she first tried the substance, leading to experiences of heightened lucidity and vivid, introspective journeys, as if she were in a fantastical landscape having deep conversations with herself.

Highlighting the stark contrast between ayahuasca and other hallucinogens like LSD, Amos emphasized its intense emotional and mental effects. She shared anecdotes of witnessing extreme reactions in others and her own diverse range of emotions during the sessions, which could last up to 15 hours. Despite the intensity, she recalled not feeling fear but rather a concern about appearing foolish, punctuated by bouts of laughter and moments of difficulty, during which the medicine women provided comfort and reassurance.

Amos noted that she hadn’t partaken in ayahuasca for several years, suggesting it’s something to be experienced occasionally rather than regularly. She remarked on the lasting sensory imprint of the drug, mentioning how certain smells can vividly evoke the feeling of being under its influence. This lingering effect underscores the profound and enduring impact ayahuasca had on her perceptions and experiences.

10. Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon’s engagement with Ayahuasca provided her with enlightening insights into life and the universe. She spoke of the experience as a profound journey of self-discovery, leading to a deeper understanding of her own life path and the nature of existence. Sarandon’s story reflects the deep philosophical and existential insights that Ayahuasca can facilitate.

11. Paul Simon

Paul Simon, the legendary musician, explored Ayahuasca out of a curiosity that stemmed from his deep appreciation for different cultures and their spiritual practices. His experience was profound and introspective, offering him new insights into his own psyche and creativity. Simon’s journey with Ayahuasca is reflective of his broader quest for musical and personal exploration, further enriching his artistic vision and understanding of the human condition.

12. Joe Rogan Ayahuasca Experience

Joe Rogan, a prominent podcaster and MMA UFC commentator, has been vocal about his experiences with Ayahuasca. He describes the experience as deeply transformative, providing him with a new perspective on life and consciousness. Rogan’s accounts often focus on the profound realizations about the self and the universe that Ayahuasca can induce, emphasizing its potential for psychological and philosophical exploration. MORE HERE

13. Ben Lee

Australian musician Ben Lee has shared his experiences with Ayahuasca, describing them as critical to his spiritual and personal development. He recounted how the plant medicine helped him confront deep-seated fears and insecurities, leading to a more profound understanding of his purpose and place in the world. Lee’s journey illustrates Ayahuasca’s role as a catalyst for self-reflection and spiritual growth.

14. Oliver Stone

Director Oliver Stone turned to Ayahuasca as part of his exploration of different consciousness states and their influence on creativity and perception. Stone’s experiences with the brew were integral to his understanding of storytelling and human emotion, influencing his approach to filmmaking and narrative construction. His journey underscores Ayahuasca’s impact on artistic vision and emotional depth.

15. Zach Leary

Zach Leary, son of the famous psychedelic pioneer Timothy Leary, has explored Ayahuasca in the context of his broader exploration of consciousness and spirituality. He describes the experience as transformative, providing insights into his own mind and the nature of reality. Leary’s journey with Ayahuasca is part of his larger quest to understand the human psyche and the potential of psychedelic substances for personal growth.

These additional stories of celebrities encountering Ayahuasca further illustrate the diverse and profound impact this ancient brew can have. Whether seeking emotional healing, creative inspiration, or deeper self-awareness, each individual’s journey is unique and illuminating. As Ayahuasca continues to pique the curiosity of many, it stands as a powerful testament to the human desire for connection, understanding, and transcendence.

These celebrities’ diverse experiences with Ayahuasca shed light on the brew’s profound impact on the human psyche. From emotional healing to spiritual awakening, their journeys underscore the enduring allure and transformative power of this ancient plant medicine. As Ayahuasca continues to gain attention, it reminds us of the universal quest for understanding, healing, and connection to something greater than ourselves

In this extended exploration, we delve further into the personal narratives of these figures, each finding unique value and insight in their Ayahuasca experiences. These stories collectively paint a picture of Ayahuasca’s multifaceted nature and its role in human self-discovery and spiritual journeying.

16. Ricki Lake

During her appearance on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ with host Andy Cohen, Ricki Lake engaged in a candid conversation about her experiences with ayahuasca. Cohen, known for his inquisitive and direct interview style, posed a question regarding a specific aspect of her past decade. He inquired if it was accurate that Ricki had participated in ayahuasca ceremonies as many as 11 times over the last ten years.

Ricki confirmed the information, acknowledging the truth in Andy’s question. This admission opened up further dialogue about her experiences with the traditional Amazonian brew known for its potent psychoactive properties.

In response to a follow-up question from Cohen, Ricki elaborated on her feelings towards the substance. While she hesitated to express outright affection for ayahuasca, she emphasized its significant impact on her life. She described it as a “very, very powerful medicine,” a statement underscoring the profound influence it had on her. Ricki further clarified that although she wouldn’t categorize her feelings as love for the substance, she recognized and appreciated the substantial benefits it brought to her life.

This conversation offered a glimpse into Ricki Lake’s personal journey with ayahuasca, highlighting both the frequency of her participation in such ceremonies and the meaningful role the experiences played in her life. Her reflections suggested a deep respect for the substance’s power and an acknowledgment of its positive contributions to her personal growth and well-being.

17. Josh Radnor

Josh Radnor, widely recognized for his portrayal of Ted Mosby in the American TV sitcom “How I Met Your Mother,” has shared his extensive experience with ayahuasca, a psychoactive brew. Over a decade, Radnor participated in more than a hundred ayahuasca ceremonies, always under the guidance of a shaman and with a deep sense of purpose. He reflects on his attraction to this spiritual journey, suggesting it might be linked to his reaction to the sudden fame and loss of privacy that came with his television success.

Radnor describes ayahuasca as a sanctuary during a time when he found himself grappling with the overwhelming nature of newfound fame. This period was marked by a search for meaning and authenticity, and ayahuasca served as a conduit for this quest. He openly discusses the intense emotional release he experienced during these sessions, including confronting and purging his innermost fears, fixations, regrets, and insecurities.

Throughout his journey, Radnor felt embraced by the spirit of the ayahuasca. He never experienced feelings of unloved, punishment, or rejection during these ceremonies. Instead, he found a profound sense of acceptance and understanding. Radnor believes that ayahuasca acts as a remedy for the spiritual maladies that afflict modern society. He views it as a profound teacher, imparting lessons of generosity, selflessness, and forgiveness.

Through his experiences, Radnor gained insights into his true potential and the best aspects of his character. He continues to hold ayahuasca in high regard, seeing it as instrumental in his personal growth and spiritual development. His journey with ayahuasca has been transformative, offering him a unique perspective on life and his place in the world.

10 Reasons Why Celebrities and High-Profile People Seek Ayahuasca Experiences

Celebrities and high-profile individuals often live in the public eye, facing unique pressures and stresses. Ayahuasca offers a retreat from their high-paced lifestyles, providing an opportunity for introspection and emotional healing. The reasons these individuals are drawn to Ayahuasca include:

  1. Seeking Emotional Healing: The intense nature of fame can lead to unresolved emotional issues. Ayahuasca is sought for its potential to facilitate deep emotional healing.
  2. Desire for Spiritual Growth: In a world often focused on material success, celebrities may seek a deeper, more spiritual connection to the world and themselves.
  3. Breaking Free of Creative Blocks: Artists, musicians, and creators turn to Ayahuasca to overcome creative blocks and find new inspiration.
  4. Coping with Public Scrutiny and Pressure: The constant scrutiny can be overwhelming. Ayahuasca offers a space for self-reflection away from the public eye.
  5. Personal Development: High-profile individuals often seek personal growth and self-improvement, and Ayahuasca can offer profound insights into one’s psyche.
  6. Curiosity and Exploration: Many are drawn to Ayahuasca out of a desire to explore different states of consciousness and the mysteries of the mind.
  7. Treatment for Addiction and Trauma: Ayahuasca has been noted for its potential in treating addictions and past traumas, which can be prevalent in the high-pressure world of fame.
  8. Seeking Authenticity and Truth: In a world often dominated by image and perception, Ayahuasca is seen as a way to strip back layers and find authenticity.
  9. Community and Belonging: The communal aspect of Ayahuasca ceremonies offers a sense of connection and belonging that can be lacking in their usual environments.
  10. Escaping the Mundane: The extraordinary experience of Ayahuasca provides an escape from the ordinary, often scripted life of a celebrity.

10 Health Benefits of Ayahuasca: Scientific Perspectives

Ayahuasca has been the subject of increasing scientific interest due to its potential health benefits. Here are ten scientifically backed health benefits of Ayahuasca:

  1. Psychological Healing: Studies have shown Ayahuasca can lead to significant reductions in symptoms of depression and anxiety, offering a potential alternative treatment for these conditions.
  2. Addiction Treatment: Research indicates Ayahuasca may be effective in treating various addictions by altering reward pathways in the brain and facilitating emotional processing.
  3. PTSD Relief: Ayahuasca’s ability to help individuals process traumatic memories can be beneficial in treating PTSD.
  4. Enhanced Mindfulness and Awareness: Users often report increased mindfulness and a heightened sense of awareness, which can contribute to overall mental well-being.
  5. Emotional Regulation: Ayahuasca can help individuals better understand and regulate their emotions, leading to improved emotional health.
  6. Cognitive Benefits: Some studies suggest that Ayahuasca can enhance certain cognitive functions, like creativity and problem-solving.
  7. Neurogenesis: There is evidence to suggest that Ayahuasca may promote neurogenesis – the growth of new brain cells – which is rare in adult brains.
  8. Reduction of Stress and Anxiety: Ayahuasca can induce a state of relaxation and introspection, helping reduce chronic stress and anxiety levels.
  9. Spiritual Well-being: While not a ‘health benefit’ in the traditional sense, the spiritual awakening and sense of connectedness experienced can contribute to overall life satisfaction and mental health.
  10. Anti-Inflammatory Effects: Ayahuasca contains harmine and tetrahydroharmine, which have shown potential anti-inflammatory effects in some studies.

It’s important to note that while these benefits are promising, Ayahuasca is also associated with certain risks and should not be taken without proper guidance and in a safe, controlled environment. More research is needed to fully understand its effects and potential therapeutic uses.